There is no manthra which surpasses Gayathri manthra in this planet. Gayathri is a priceless jewel among precious stones and is the mother of all Vedas. capable of purifying those twice born who worship me. Mother if all Vedas, Gayathri, Confers longevity, pranic force, children, cattle, wealth, fame and the luster of Bramha.

A human being first takes birth from his\her mother's womb. When he\she is initiated into Gayathri manthra he\she is considered into Gayathri Manthra is to usher one into the world of Vedas and Spiritualism

Thiruvannamalai Ambal

Till some time back a wrong belief was deep rooted among some people that ladies and Sudras are prohibited from chanting gayathri mantra, that they should not observe and follow some rituals connected with it. Later due to the influence of great Vaishnava saint Sri Ramanuja and Swami Dayanand, the founder of Arya Sanaj this wrong belief began to vanish from the minds of such people. They taught Gayathri to countless Sudras and they benefited by chanting it and observing the various rituals connected with it. Today many foreigners who have learnt the greatness if this manthra have sincerely chanted it and observed the rituals with staunch belief and have attained many great benefits. Neither the Brahmins nor the Sudras or the foreigners of different faiths but have only enjoyed beneficial effects. No cases of harmful effects have been reported. Many foreigners and people of various faiths have been initiated into Gayathri mantra in our center and all of them have been enjoying very great beneficial effects which cannot be got by any other means. None have experienced any harmful effects.

Sri Agalya, Arunthathi, Annusuya, Maithreye, Nalayini, vasuki, Lopamudra, Manu's wife ida, Bharathwaja sage's daughter Sruthavathi, Sandilya Rishi's wife Janaka, Swatha's two daughters by name Dharani and Vadina Ravana's wife man.dodari were all ladies who attained full power of sri gayathri further, many great sages wives and daughters who lived with them in the jungles had all attained powers of Gayathri Devi.


In whatever form or character we worship God and consider Him. As one who has created the universe, all lead to one conclusion that it has been the act of one Supreme Being. Heaven, hell or any other planes are included in the universe. Please realize one fact that Gayathri is the total universe. Things that move that do not move, Subtler force and the power to act in those force are mere Gayathri force in different forms. Gayathri embodies all the five basic elements viz. air water matter fire and space and combination of these in different proportions are plants, trees, creepers and a, vegetation, further from a worm to man, from stars to sun and moon, it is all Gayathri in different forms. You may not believe it. However, if you know the facts about creation, sustenance and destruction you will believe.

The countries things in the universes are made out of one basic thing that is matter. According to atomic scientists the combination and arrangement of atoms in various proportions and order brings about the difference in things for e.g formation of carbon atoms in a particular proportion is coal. The same atoms of coal arranged in a particular pattern produces diamond. Thus for the entire formation of the universe it is matter which has no shape or particular attributes but at the same time all solids or subtler things are formed out of it. If we were to accept that primordial matter as Gayathri cin we not accept that the entire universe is Gayathri. It is form this primordial matter all things originated i.e. shape sound, subtler things and various countless things that exist in the universes. It is the 24 original sounds in Gayathri created from the primordial matter the entire universe was shaped; the subtler things also originated from the 24 words of Gayathri. The entire universe is therefore, the various forms of Gayathri's 24 words.

If we take any object in the universe whether solid or subtler, we can classify them as a particular sound form of Gayathri. The main 24 power channels that act in the Universe are 24 sound forms of Gayathri Mantra. We have elaborated about the 24 letters of Gayathri in our next upadesam. In whatever religion God is worshiped he is only following Gayathri. Men who have no faith in Gayathri may deny this; but the fact is what we have elucidated above. There is a difference in beliefs of people only and not in fact. To whichever faith or religion you may belong it is good to practice Gayathri because it is the only manthra which shows the path of truth directly.

Many students belonging to various religions and nationality initiated into gayathri have practiced it and are reporting that they have found excellent results. If people of other religious faith and nationality were to speak high of Gayathri what about people belonging to hindu faith we therefore, strongly recommend Gayathri and would like you to be benefited in getting initiated into it.